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Cycle Cat - Multi Adjustable Rearset Systems



The STC1 is carved by CNC machines out of solid billet aluminum, exclusively for the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa.


Designed to integrate with the aerodynamic, muscular character of the bike, the STC1 is an extraordinary addition to an extraordinary motorcycle.


Rigid, strong, and light-weight, the STC1 makes its own statement through the proprietary trellis design, refined to integrate completely with the Hayabusa's unique styling.


The STC1 replaces the stock top triple clamp and clamp cover, permitting the use of Cycle Cat rips multi-adjustable bar mounting systems. It also provides for raising the fork tubes (lowering the front end of the bike). While the STC1 is designed to be used with the Cycle Cat rips system, once in place, the STC1 will permit the use of any appropriate clip on.


As with all Cycle Cat triple clamps, the STC1 is machined to Cycle Cat's unsurpassed standards, then sealed and surface-hardened in a choice of four anodized finishes. The STC1 is also available in chrome (coming Spring, 2005).