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05 Mar

DRS21 Ducati 749/999 Rearset

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DRS21/31 Rearset Systems

The Patented, Multi-Adjustable Rearset Syetem: DRS21/31 Rearset Systems

The DRS21 and DRS31 are a solid, billet aluminum rearsets made for Ducati 749 and 999 models.

Great pains have been taken in the design of this system, to ensure full range of adjustability and provide proper clearance for all fittings. The result is an extraordinary product, complete with levers, which provides a range of adjustment that is far in excess of what anyone will ever use.


The DRS21 system is conventional shift. The DRS31 is GP (reverse) shifting.

As with all Cycle Cat rearset systems, the design and machining has been done thoroughly and with great attention to detail, so that the system bolts up easily, critical stock parts are reused, and nothing additional remains to purchased, customized, or modified by the user. Even the brake lever, which must be designed to accommodate a fairing which would interfere with a typical, straight lever, has been carved into a smooth flowing element of extraordinary rigidity and strength. And as might be expected, the stock brake master cylinder fits right in, and total system can be installed and made ready to ride in minutes.

The DRS21 and DRS31 multi-adjustable rearset systems feature the footpeg and toe piece adjustability common to all Cycle Cat rearset systems, and adjustable levers. Anodized aluminum heel guards are included, as are toe rubbers for the adjustable toe pieces. Light, strong, and the most adjustable system you can buy for your Ducati, the DRS21 and 31 not only deliver the ability to totally dial in the fit of your ride, but look beautiful in the process.



DRS-21 Range of Adjustment


Each colored dot represents a possible position of the DRS-21 footpeg. There are 108 possible locations for the footpeg, all quickly and easily achieved.


While every footpeg position indicated can be used, and there is clearance for positioning of the peg in every case, at the extremes, the position-ing can be less practical due to obstructions to the foot or adjustment of the levers. Thus, the dots are color-coded to represent the practicality of use of the various footpeg positions.


The green dots are easily used peg positions. The yellow should be useable but may not be, in all cases, for all riders. The red dots are likely to be difficult, though not impossible, to employ.


DRS-21 Design Intent


specifications coming soon.

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