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08 Jan

DRS2 Ducati 900ss Rearset

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The DRS2 is a solid, billet aluminum rearset made for Ducati 750 and 900 SS models, and which makes up one-half of a total rips kit, the most complete product available for optimizing rider position and motorcycle ergonomics. Used alone or together with the Cycle Cat BR series multi-adjustable bar mounting system, the DRS2 provides a range of adjustment limited only by the motorcycle itself. Typically, the range of adjustment is far in excess of what anyone will ever use.


As with all Cycle Cat rearset systems, the design and machining has been done thoroughly and with great attention to detail, so that the system bolts up easily, critical stock parts are reused, and nothing additional remains to purchased, customized, or modified by the user.


The total system can be installed and made ready to ride in minutes. The DRS2 multi-adjustable rearset system features the footpeg and toe piece, and lever adjustability common to all Cycle Cat Rips rearset systems. Light, strong, and the most adjustable system you can buy for your Ducati, the DRS2 not only delivers the ability to totally dial in the fit of your ride, but looks beautiful in the process.


The DRS41 kit, which is designed for Ducati 888 models, is very similar in form and function, to the DRS2. The image above fairly represents the appearance and mounting of the DRS41.







DRS-2 Range of Adjustment


To the left is a graphic representation of the range of adjustment possible with the DRS-2. The background image is the stock rearset. The red circle high-lights the stock position of the footpeg.


Each colored dot represents a possible position of the DRS-2 footpeg. There are 108 possible locations for the footpeg, all quickly and easily achieved.


While every footpeg position indicated can be used, and there is clearance for positioning of the peg in every case, at the extremes, the position-ing can be less practical due to obstructions to the foot or adjustment of the levers. Thus, the dots are color-coded to represent the practicality of use of the various footpeg positions.


The green dots are easily used peg positions. The yellow should be useable but may not be, in all cases, for all riders. The orange/red dots are likely to be difficult, though not impossible, to employ.


DRS-2 Design Intent


As indicated, the footpeg can be raised a maximum of 3.8", lowered a maximum of 2.1", moved backward a maximum of .9", or forward a maximum of 2.0", from the stock footpeg position.


The DRS-2 system is designed to fine-tune the footpeg and control positions for optimal handling and performance on an aggressive, competition sport bike. As such, the geometry of the system provides a 64:36 up:down adjustment ratio, weighting the system toward more aggressive, competitive positionings, while simultaneously providing substantial adjustment range toward open, relaxed, less aggressive settings, for taller riders and those wishing less angle in the knees. In determining the amount of downward adjustment to provide, designers also considered minimal reduction of lean angle to be an important objective, as well as avoidance of interference with fairings, and maintenance of proper linkage geometries.


Ultimately, it was our objective with the DRS-2 to create a versatile means for dialing-in the fit of the foot position and controls, to accommodate any style of riding desired, and to take advantage of every inch of adjustment practical. The DRS-2 meets and exceeds our objectives, and, we believe, succeeds in providing virtually any rider with an incompar-able, easily-achieved, personalized riding position, for any kind of ride.


Additional Info

  • Application: Ducati 750/900SS
  • Model Years: 1991-1998
  • Product Number: DRS2
  • Stock Colors: gold, black, silver,titanium
  • Notes:
  • MSRP (US$): $ 550.00
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