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Cycle Cat - Sales Policy and Warranty
Cycle Cat Products

Cycle Cat Products

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Sales and Returns Policy and Warranty:

Cycle Cat wants satisfied customers, period. While sales and return policies are determined by the dealers selling our products, we encourage them to accept any standard (not custom) unused Cycle Cat regardless of reason, for a full refund, less freight charges, if any.


Cycle Cat unconditionally warrants its products to be free from defects and will repair or replace any component which fails to install or perform as represented. No warrantees are made, either expressed or implied, with respect to products which have been modified in any way or subjected to crash damage.


Because Cycle Cat cannot anticipate every possible application or installation issue which may arise in specific cases, we ask our dealers to contact us directly with any product performance issue, not clearly covered by our warranty, which we will give prompt attention toward an equitable resolution. Because it bears somewhat on this subject, please take a moment to read this article fully.


Something we haven't covered? If we've missed something email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We do check email constantly and try to respond quickly. More to the point, we love hearing from other enthusiasts, and will always do everything we can to be of assistance.


Cycle Cat products are designed and manufactured strictly for racing applications or incorporation on street machines which are used for racing. They are not intended for street use, and some products may, in some localities, be illegal for use on the street.


Motorcycle racing is a dangerous activity. While every effort has been made to ensure that Cycle Cat products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards, Cycle Cat and its parent, Calovini Industries LLC, cannot assume responsibility for property damage or personal injury incurred by or concurrent with the use of Cycle Cat products, even if such damage or injury is the direct result of the failure of a Cycle Cat product.


Cycle Cat assumes individuals performing the installation of its products to be qualified race mechanics, who can make the judgements and adjustments which may be necessary in the installation process, and which cannot be anticipated by Cycle Cat in advance, in order that the installation is a safe and proper one. Cycle Cat assumes no responsibility for damage or personal injury which may be caused by the manner in which Cycle Cat products are installed.

If you use Cycle Cat products, you use them at your own risk.


We want you to be healthy, to ride safely, and enjoy a long lifetime of motorcycling. Please do not use any product if you are uncertain of your ability to properly install it. If you are uncertain about your ability to properly install or use any Cycle Cat product, you may return it unused at any time for a full refund.



Cycle Cat CC series billet aluminum clutch covers are designed first for function. Lighter than stock steel and much stronger than carbon fibre, billet aluminum construction provides the maximum protection possible for clutch components, while minimizing unecessary weight. HMC Racing subjected them to destruction testing before putting them on Steve Rapp's, Andy Meklau's, and Scott Russell's bikes during the 2001 season. Very simply, they outperformed cast and composite products in every respect.


Machined entirely from solid aluminum stock, then anodized for surface hardness and a long-life finish, CC series clutch covers are strong. The DCC-5 is a half-open design, affording outstanding strength and protection of the clutch as well while retaining excellent ventilation and cooling propterties, and affording aural access to the what many consider one of the most definitive sounds of a Ducati.


These clutch covers not only perform, but look good in the process. Some say these are the most beautiful things ever installed on a Ducati. To us, what's most beautiful about them, is the fact that they do their job brilliantly.