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Cycle Cat DKS31 - Ducati Side Stand

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At first glance, it may not be obvious how a side stand fits into Cycle Cat's line of performance products. In fact, adjustments in ride height, and damage caused by racing mishaps, are a part of the world of peformance, and Cycle Cat's KS series rearstands are designed to provide a range of options to address specific requirements, whether brought about through replacement or tuning.


The design intent with the DKS 11, 31, and 71 side stands is to address the modifications to ride height made by many owners of S4Rs and superbikes, as well as make it possible to improve the resting angle on many bikes equipped, as stock, with side stands which seem a little too short, resulting in an extreme, and often alarming, attitude for the bike when parked. We wanted to accomplish this with a very strong, very stable solution which was not only lighter than the stock piece, but hopefully, more beautiful as well.


To address all of the design criteria, we settled on three products, identical in function, but each of a different length, keeping the engineering simple and elegant. Of course, we included Cycle Cat's proprietary adjustable retraction stop, which enables the user to adjusted the retracted position of the stand, for clearance of aftermarket pipes, or simply, adjustment for rider preference.


Which Stand Is Right for You?

The DKS11 is designed for bikes which have been, or will be, lowered. If one has otherwise modified the ride height, and has a stock stand on the bike, place the bike on the stock side stand, then tilt it up to the desired resting angle, making sure to leave its weight on the suspension, as it would normally be at rest. Then, by measuring the space beneath the stock stand and the ground, one can get a good estimate of how much needs to be added to stock length to achieve the preferred resting angle.


For example, if the bike is stock, but seems to lean at too extreme an angle, and at the preferred resting angle, the stock side stand is about 1" off the ground, the DKS71 would be the correct choice.


Additional Info

  • Application: Ducati Monster S4R (2004 - 2005) Ducati 748/S/R (1997 - 2002) Ducati 996/S/R (1996 - 2001)
  • Model Years:
  • Product Number: DKS31
  • Stock Colors: silver, black
  • Notes: stock length
  • MSRP (US$): $ 145.00
Last modified on Monday, 29 August 2011 23:46
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